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Pluktuin de Bosrand, Dorskampweg t.o. 15, 6704 PB Wageningen

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Gardener / Flower en Fruit nursery (m/f).

Jobs (depending on the season):

- weeding

- hoeing

- grass mowing

- pruning shrubs and fruit

- digging

- planting

- sowing 1 year olds

- cleaning existing paths to sow grass

- all sort of other gardening jobs (some lighter and some heavier)

We have all kind of jobs; some lighter and some heavier, some requires plant knowledges and some don’t.


  • Enthusiasm

  • Wanting to work outdoors

  • For some jobs is plant knowledge required

  • For some heavier jobs is good physical condition required.

Mowing aid (april till mid of november)


The grass need to be mowed every 7 till 10 days by means of a sittingmower.

It takes 4 to 5 hours each time.



- caution both for personal safety as well as for the plants and nettings along the path.


Help in the teagarden (end of May to October)

Do you like to come and serve tea/coffee in the tea garden every now and then? Or help with the maintenance of the tea picking garden?

Help at the cash register of the picking (end of May to October)

do you like to come and help in the picking garden with receiving customers, explaining what they can pick and paying?

Carpenter / Handyman (m/f)

for, among other things, for refurbishing garden furniture, maintaining and repairing machines, hammering an entrance gate and making wooden support structures for the dahlias.

In addition, we are looking for a Garden Therapist who wants to do this as a freelancer or employed by a healthcare institution

We are looking for someone who wants to provide garden therapy / small-scale agricultural care in the picking garden.

Occasional/Short-Term Activities Vacancies

Gardener (m/f) Do you have an hour to spare and want to come and help in the garden? There is always a job to do. For both people with green fingers and those without gardening experience.

Marketer / PR employee; how do we improve the findability of the picking garden

Recruiter of grants and sponsors (m/f); help in searching for subsidies and sponsors.

We are looking for a sponsor to build an indoor space.

Interns; e.g. for soil research with fertilization advice.

Working hours:

Days and hours in consultation. Possible working hours Tuesday to Friday between 9 and 17 hours, in consultation 1 evening of the week and during the picking season also on Saturdays between 11 and 17 hours.

Mowing only in dry weather and preferably in the morning; so there is no noise during opening hours

All help is welcome, also occasionally an hour.


On offer:

  • A beautiful, green, relaxing place to do volunteer work (at your own pace).

  • A nice team of volunteers to work with. (New) Contacts

  • Explanation of the work by the owner of the garden, but also a high degree of own responsibility.

  • Occasionally a bunch of flowers for your help (during the plowing season).

A nice, cozy and informal team (about 20 people) to work with. At the moment there are about 10 people who regularly help with the garden maintenance. There are 5 people who help with baking and 3 people who help harvest.
In addition, there are a number of people who regularly help; for example by manning the stall of the picking garden during the Molenmarkt and during the Harvest Festival of the Wageningse Eng or by guiding workshops (flower arranging or making jam) or by closing deals during the Beursvloer in Wageningen and Ede or by guiding of volunteers during NLdoet.
There are also people who help with specific job(s). For example, Inge designed the logo for the picking garden. Claude has installed drip hoses throughout the garden. Suzanne has made a map of the garden and the flower beds in Illustrator. These maps can be found on the website under the tab De Pluktuin/plans pluktuin. Frits, Gerco and John (along with a number of others) helped build the storage room and shelter. Bas has made some very nice aerial videos of the picking garden using a drone. The videos can be found on the welcome page of the picking garden plus with every webpage on the left side and on YouTube.
As a result of a jump around the neck in 2015by an autistic boy, my knee dislocated  and I sustained a permanent knee injury. As a result, I can only do limited heavy work myself and I am more dependent on others for the heavier work such as digging. Frits and John (along with others) regularly help me with this.

Interested in one of our vacancies?

If you are interested in any of these vacancies, sign up now or visit the pick-your-own garden to discuss the possibilities or contact me, Petra Lenskens mobile 06-49958208 or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by contactform.




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